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2114 NW 40th Ter., Suite B-4, Gainesville, FL 32605

PC Repair

Is your PC giving you an error message?
Is it slow booting up?
Are you running out of hard drive space?
Are you seeing lots of pop up ads?
frustrated at a computer

We Can Help!

If your laptop or computer needs repairs or maybe if it’s just not running quite like it used to, let our technicians take a look! We can handle anything from a virus or malware cleanup to replacing the inner working parts of the device. When we are finished, your machine will be working better than ever!

Not quite ready to get new equipment but you want to improve your current machine? We do that too!  We can breathe new life into your laptop, PC, or server by upgrading some of its critical components.  Technology advances rapidly and even if your system is fairly new, there are probably a few upgrades available to help enhance your experience. Upgrading may help increase storage space for photos and files or drastically decreasing boot up times.

We understand that your equipment is important and that no one likes downtime, so we stock a wide inventory of parts for both repairs and upgrades to help get you back up and running fast.