Epic IT Solutions

Residential Services

Whether you are working from home or have a family desktop PC, you want equipment that is reliable, fast, and securely protects your data.

 Home Office Set Up

Today’s home environments are constantly evolving.  Many professionals and business owners are working from home offices instead of facing the morning rush hour. With the evolution of low cost networking hardware and wireless technology, installing a home office network is more popular than ever. Epic IT Solutions can help you setup your home office to professional standards, with strong security and a reliable hardware foundation for less cost than you may expect.

Family Computers

Families are also getting into the home network scene.  Your family can share an internet connection, so that while the kids are doing homework or chatting with their friends, Mom can be checking her stock portfolio, while Dad streams the latest sports game. A home network means that your family only needs to have one printer that can be shared, saving you the cost of buying a printer for each computer or smartphone.

We can help to make sure your home network works seamlessly and that your data is secure. Contact us  to find out more about:

  • Home Network Setup and configuration (wireless or wired)
  • PC Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Virus removal and PC cleanup
  • Internet troubleshooting and repair
  • Data transfer and migration
  • Smartphone set up
  • Backup Solutions